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Our convictions

Facing new challenges 

The increase in world agricultural production is at the heart of the challenges of our time.  Each day, our planet grows by 230,000 people and more and more emerging countries have access to a better lifestyle. This leads to a rapid growth of food needs and yet the agricultural land is limited to 1.5 billion hectares to produce such a growth.




Produce more, produce better

Better exploitation of land resources is an exciting challenge. Without advocating extensive agriculture, it is a question of encouraging the development of healthy and efficient crops, without praising a production-oriented agriculture at any cost and by using efficient varieties. All this is in order to produce more efficiently without altering our environment. 

Progress will come from seeds

The seed itself is a solution carrier. It contains in its DNA, all the future characteristics of the plant such as yield potential, resistance to diseases and stress, adaptation to soils and climate change. Our research is progressing, and new ways of improvement are emerging, leading to great progress. New variety breeding is accelerating and allowing us more and more to optimize fertilizer, water and use of plant protection.

When used in adequate quantities, seed treatments ensure healthy seeds and plants and secure our crops and our food by limiting soil treatment. Here too, MAS Seeds invests and innovates to propose new solutions.