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Publication Director : Jacques GROISON
MAS Seeds
BP27 40001 Mont de Marsan Cedex 

All personal nominative information, photographs or other data are stored and solely used for professional reasons. They are treated with our personal data policy and in respect with current legal dispositions. 

To know more about the personal data protection please check our "Privacy Policy" here.

Information, figures and results in general (tests, calculators...) are given as an indication : for further information, contact Burcin DILCI dilci@maisadour.com

Important information on seed protection products (update : February 28th 2008)
Regulatory information to date for these products-meaning information  coming from the autorisation to put on the market for each product are consultable on the website of each manufacturer. 
Concerning the FDS available on www.quickfds.com, the validity of information corresponding to the date inscribed on the top of the sheet.

Important information concerning the modified genetic variety - February 2008 :according to the french government bylaw of February 9th 2008 (modified February 13th 2008), the sells of YieldGard range varieties (varieties of genetically modified corn resistant to pyrale and sesame) is suspended until further notice 

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