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MAS Seeds to acquire FGI’s tropical corn breeding program

By e.berteloot@maisadour.com - On 24.10.2019

MAS Seeds and FGI announced today they have entered into an agreement for FGI's tropical corn breeding program.


MAS Seeds to acquire Forage Genetics International’s tropical corn breeding program

Haut-Mauco, September 26, 2019. MAS Seeds, seed subsidiary of Maïsadour Group, and Forage Genetics International (FGI) announced today they have entered into an agreement for MAS Seeds to acquire Forage Genetics International’s tropical corn breeding program. Buying the tropical corn breeding program of FGI strengthens MAS Seed’s international development and breeding capacities.

Under the agreement, which is expected to be closed within few weeks, MAS Seeds will receive all the tropical corn breeding assets of FGI in Mexico:

  • An R&D station in Queretaro, a complete breeding facility with its equipment
  • An experienced team of three agronomists
  • A complete corn germplasm of tropical corn genetic


“We are very excited about the acquisition of FGI’s tropical corn breeding program which will bring more diversity in our corn breeding program and in our commercial portfolio to support our international development. We will also benefit from a winter generation production base to increase our breeding capacities,” says Jacques Groison, CEO of MAS Seeds.


“We started trialing FGI genetics four years ago in Burkina-Faso, some of which we are about to register in Western Africa. This deal will help us expand our product portfolio to develop our sales in the new markets especially in tropical areas in Africa, Asia and Americas. With a breeding station in Mexico, home country of corn domestication, we will bring more genetic diversity in our breeding program to bring innovation to farmers.” says Denis Villenave, Director of New Markets.


About MAS Seeds

MAS Seeds is the subsidiary of MAÏSADOUR Group in the South-West France and the brand of seed company Maisadour Semences SA. With 70-year experience in seed business, today, MAS Seeds is structured around three professions: hybrid breeding (maize, sunflower and oilseed rape), seed production and commercialization. As one of Europe’s leading hybrid seed producer, the company holds 25,000 ha production capacity representing 2.5 million bags of seeds (corn, sunflower, winter oilseed rape, alfalfa, sorghum, cereals and fodder) whereas two thirds of its production is made in the South-West France. MAS Seeds has 12 subsidiaries across Europe and makes 85% of its turnover abroad in 40 countries.


About Forage Genetics International

For the past 28 years, Forage Genetics International (FGI) has led the forage industry with innovative genetic discoveries, variety developments and cutting-edge product introductions. FGI’s relentless drive for improved forage production is behind their unprecedented advancements. As the industry’s leading provider of forage solutions, FGI breeds, develops and produces premier alfalfa seed. The highly experienced staff delivers packaging, distribution and training services to complement the premium product offerings — all customized to meet the varied needs of our customers.

For more information, visit www.foragegenetics.com 

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